[SciPy-user] SciPy conference dates

Joe Harrington jh@physics.ucf....
Fri Jan 4 22:58:18 CST 2008

scipy.org says:

> SciPy Conference Save the Date (2007-12-28) The conference will be
> held the week of August 19-24, 2008 - exact schedule TBD. 

This has probably been raised before, but the dates are in the first
week of classes at many colleges and universities, particularly in the
South.  Other schools have orientations in which faculty must
participate that week.  This makes it essentially impossible for many
of us to go.  While there will be conflict for some people in any
given week, it would seem that, given the number of academics here, a
better week might exist, perhaps in mid-late September?

This year's dates may be locked in at this point, but even if they
are, I hope the organizers will consider the possibility for next



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