[SciPy-user] lpmn - python crash with AMD processor

ennesnospam1@aeroakust... ennesnospam1@aeroakust...
Sun Jan 6 10:17:16 CST 2008

Hi all,
I have got a strange problem using lpmn from scipy.special under Win XP
Everything works fine as long as I am on a machine with Intel (pentium,
centrino) processor. On an AMD based machine the function lpmn crashes
if either the first or second argument is <>0.

>>> >>> from scipy import special
>>> >>> special.lpmn(0,0,0.1)
(array([[ 1.]]), array([[ 0.]]))
>>> >>> special.lpmn(0,1,0.1)

The actual crash seems to happen inside the compiled module specfun.pyd.

Does anyone have an idea how to deal with this?

Many thanks in advance,

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