[SciPy-user] roadmap/plans for timeseries package

Tim Michelsen timmichelsen@gmx-topmail...
Sun Jan 6 18:38:59 CST 2008

after spending some time testing out the timeseries package for the use 
of time series analysis and visualisation I can really say that it 
already has a nice foundation for this kind of work.

But there are things that I can see improved from by beginners point of 
I would like to name a few and then ask you (Pierre GM and Matt Knox) 
what further plans you have. Some of these had already been discussed 
briefly [1]. I am also interested because Mr. Millman meantioned 
something that timeseries will be taken out of sandbox to a place called 
scikit (what's that BTW?): [2]

* a example data set for at least one year on a high temporal resolution:
15min or at least 1h. Having such a common data set one could set up 
tutorials examples and debug or ask questions easier because all will 
have the same (non-confidetial) data on the disk.
* being able to access the datetime information for calculations:
as I understand from my oberservation, the datetime information is not 
really a part of the array and therefore not really available as 
reference in a calculations. A example:
One has to get rainfall intensity during early morning hours. For such a 
filter the information on the corresponding hours are neccessary. Is 
this already possible?
* The maskedarray function is not really good documented when it come 
comes to some infomation behind what's in the docstrings. There are no 
examples how to mask and data in array based upon different criteria. I 
find it kinda hard to get the data in a datetime object in a clean manner.

Well, that's all so far. I haven't gotten into plotting time series more 
than what's in the wiki. I guess it's mainly knowing some matplotlib.

Can I already submit bug/feature requests for time series?

I am really interested in your plans because I will use timeseries a lot 
once I will have my basic needs [3] and troubles [4] sorted out.

Kind regards,

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[2] The end of the SciPy sandbox - 

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[4] Re: flagging no data in timeseries - 

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