[SciPy-user] lpmn - python crash with AMD processor

ennesnospam1@aeroakust... ennesnospam1@aeroakust...
Mon Jan 7 07:26:15 CST 2008

>> I tried on eight different machines with different scipy versions <=
>> 0.6.0, all under WinXP SP 2 (32 bit). Two had Intel processors ->
>> everything fine. Six had AMDs (Athlon, Duron) -> segmentation fault.
>> From your post it seems that it works fine under Linux. Unfortunately
>> Linux is no option for me (at least in this case).

>What are the kind of processor you have and which binary did you take ?
>For Athlon XP processors, you cannot take the usual binary bacause it
>SSE2 instructions which are not supported by Athlon XP processors. You
>should take the binary for Pentium II (which does not support the SSE2
>instruction set).

On my present machine it is an AMD Sempron, but I had the same problem
with other AMDs like AlthonXP and Duron. It is not very clear for me
_what_ binary you mean. The specfun.pyd? I have no means of determining
what version it has (I found version "0.0" in the crash report, but I
guess that would be of no help) . Python itself and any function in
scipy/numpy/ETS etc. works fine on all processors.
My scipy install is from the scipy- (which
is not marked as exclusively built for Intel), but I found the same
behaviour in earlier versions.

Where do I find this PII version you mentioned?


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