[SciPy-user] accessing contents of complex numpy array from pyrex

Robert Kern robert.kern@gmail....
Mon Jan 7 12:41:00 CST 2008

Lev Givon wrote:
> Does anyone know how to access the elements of a 1-D numpy array
> containing complex values from within a function written in pyrex?
> Since pyrex currently doesn't provide a straightforward interface to
> complex data types, I was wondering whether there is some way to
> access the real and imaginary portions of each element in the data
> block of the array directly.

One way would be to define a my_complex struct in a .h file, expose it in Pyrex, 
and cast the data pointer to <my_complex*>:

#### my_complex.h

typedef struct {
     double real, imag;
} my_complex;

#### EOF

#### complex_arrays.pyx

# E.g. from numpy/random/mtrand/numpy.pxi
include "numpy.pxi"

cdef extern from "my_complex.h":
     cdef struct my_complex:
         double real, imag

def foo(numpy.ndarray complex_array):
     cdef my_complex* c_complex_array

     c_complex_array = <my_complex*>PyArray_DATA(complex_array)
     # ...

#### EOF

Alternatively, you could get the .real and .imag arrays at the Python level, 
cast them as <numpy.ndarray> and access the data that way. Of course, these will 
be discontiguous, so you will have to take the stride into account.

Robert Kern

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