[SciPy-user] Control Systems Toolbox

Stef Mientki s.mientki@ru...
Wed Jan 9 12:45:07 CST 2008

hi Jasper,

Jasper Stolte wrote:
> Hi Stef,
> I'm certainly interested in your framework, and enjoyed watching it 
> grow over the last months in the wx-Python mailing list. However, I 
> dont think it is appropriate to include it into a core toolbox of 
> SciPy, which should be about the science, not the UI / framework
I totally agree !

I think there are 2 kind of users of Scipy,
the science oriented people
and the engineering oriented people.
And for the second group of people there's a huge gab between Scipy and 
packages like MatLab/LabView:
compare for instance documentation and  user-interface.
So it would be very welcome if engineers had a better entrance to Scipy.
btw, I found another one this week "Pyphant"
> . I'll certainly keep it in mind for development of higher level 
> applications, maybe even a loop shaping desing tool or something.
I'll see if I can do something with the material from Ryan.


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