[SciPy-user] Control Systems Toolbox

Stef Mientki s.mientki@ru...
Wed Jan 9 12:54:43 CST 2008

hi Ryan,

Ryan Krauss wrote:
> I have started a very basic one and will keep working on it this
> semester as I teach a controls class.  I have defined a
> TransferFunction class (sort of derived from signal.lti), given it
> methods for basic block diagram algebra, root locus, and Bode control
> design and some c2d stuff.  I am planning to release it under a BSD
> license.  It is a bit messy right now.  It is attached along with
> another file it depends on.  (I don't think they depend on anythng
> else...)
> Let me know if you find this useful and want to be informed of
> updates, or if you think we can collaborate in some useful way.
I think it's very useful, as Control Systems should be one of the items 
encapsulated in PyLab_Works.
I'll see what I can do in the next couple of days to embed your libraries.
I might need some help (examples), as my control theory is quit rusty
(educated in "Control Systems Theory" from Olle Elgerd, 1967 ;-)
Although PyLab-Works is still quit premature,
I think it would be an excellent candidate for education
(at the moment I implementing combined help/instruction/fill-in forms).
So I would love to see your course material / instruction / assignments etc,
to see if they can be embedded too.
So maybe not for the current course of you,
but the next course you might be able to use.


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