[SciPy-user] Control Systems Toolbox

Tim Michelsen timmichelsen@gmx-topmail...
Thu Jan 10 15:46:37 CST 2008

> I think there are 2 kind of users of Scipy,
> the science oriented people
> and the engineering oriented people.
> And for the second group of people there's a huge gab between Scipy and 
> packages like MatLab/LabView:
> compare for instance documentation and  user-interface.
> So it would be very welcome if engineers had a better entrance to Scipy.
I really like how you put this. Well said.
One has to acknowledge that there are scientists that focus not mainly 
on computing tasks. This is only part of their work. For instance, some 
disciplines of natural sciences or earth sciences are mostly occupied 
with observing nature. They may not even take programming classes in 
university. Stating their analysis with a graphical tool really lowers 
the barriers and increases the efficiency because the the basic things 
are taken care for by the logic beneath. A advanced user would then 
start expanding via coding extensions or improvements.

> btw, I found another one this week "Pyphant"
Thanks for sharing this link 
with us. It really looks promising and I will check it out.

If one explores the paper linked from the page of Pyphant:
a lot of other initiatives that develop GUI frontends can be found. 
Interestingly, each of them has a similar goal, sometimes even a same 
direction but starts nearly a new project from scratch.

Please do also keep us updated on your work with Pylab. I am really 
interested and think it would be useful to scipy users for the reasons 
you listed and I expanded above.

Kind regards,

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