[SciPy-user] is there an equivalent of ICALAB ?

Emanuele Olivetti emanuele@relativita....
Sat Jan 12 08:33:48 CST 2008

Gabriel J.L. Beckers wrote:
> And now that I am at it: if there are people interested in getting more
> blind source separation (BSS) techniques into SciPy, we should organize
> something to get this going. In neuroscience and other fields BSS/ICA is
> becoming increasingly important. It is a pity to see that there are so
> many good open source initiatives in neuroscience (e.g. EEGLAB and
> Chronux) that are based on MATLAB, while I am sure that by now everybody
> (user/programmer/taxpayer) would be much better off if they used Python.
> Gabriel 

Gabriel, it is definitely interesting to have ICA algorithms in
Python. I work in the machine learning area and from now on
my domain of application is neuroimaging and ICA is in my
wishlist. MDP is a cool project but I'd suggest to put your code
in scikits, too:


There is the best place where different ICA algorithms should
reside, in my opinion. In future some scikits's code could merge into


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