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Tommy Grav tgrav@mac....
Mon Jan 14 09:48:52 CST 2008

On Jan 14, 2008, at 10:22 AM, Marian Jakubik wrote:

> Hi Tommy,
> I am an astronomer (researcher) and for the job you mentioned I use  
> the
> SWIFT package (written by Levison et. al). I think you know this
> package so my question is - "are you working on some Python-code for
> numerical integration of the small-bodies orbits?" I am very  
> interested
> in it...

I have used the SWIFT package yes. For the problem I have before me it
is a little overkill :). I need to run a lot of small integrations  
with a lot of
input/output of orbits and plotting. Since code development is much  
in python I am mostly my coding in that these days, as it is  
easier to use in handling input/output of text files. Since the  
are a a little slow in pure python to be efficient I was looking for an
interface to some C/C++ integrator to speed that part up :)

I am working on some astronomy python code. Mostly orbital mechanics
with orbital determination and integration. The code is in a very early
stage of development and has a tendency of undergoing major changes
in the underlaying class structure as I add new functionality.

> Please contact me (on my email) and we could debate about this
> topic from the "astro-view", if you like...

I have sent my reply to the list as well, in the hope that some other
orbital mechanics will be interested and chime in.


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