[SciPy-user] numpy array in ctype struct

Paul Kienzle pkienzle@nist....
Tue Jan 15 06:07:26 CST 2008


We are trying to create the following struct in ctypes:

  struct {
    int n,k;
    double A[4][4], B[4][4];
  } ;

Easy enough:

  class embedded_array(Structure):
    _fields_ = [("n",c_int),("k",c_int),("A",c_double*16),("B",c_double*16)]
  instance = embedded_array()


  Is there a way to map the data in A/B into a numpy array, so that we
  can use it directly?

  Alternatively, is there a way to quickly copy data from a numpy array
  into/out of the ctypes structure?

Thanks in advance,

	- Paul

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