[SciPy-user] numpy array in ctype struct

Thomas Heller theller@ctypes....
Tue Jan 15 12:46:45 CST 2008

Travis E. Oliphant schrieb:
> Thomas Heller wrote:
>> Travis E. Oliphant schrieb:
>>>    You can create an array from a pointer to memory and a 
>>> description of the data that is much like the ctypes structure.   At 
>>> some point, there should be a direct conversion from ctypes objects to 
>>> NumPy data-types, but nobody has written that yet.
>> Is there anything that should be added to ctypes (Python 2.6 isn't too
>> far away) that would help with this conversion?
> One approach would for ctypes objects to describe their data-type using 
> the new additions to the struct syntax (i.e. fully support the new 
> buffer interface including data-type description as defined in PEP 
> 3118).   This should be going in Python 2.6 as well (but I need help in 
> the implementation). 
> Then, NumPy arrays will support consuming the syntax as well and it 
> should be an easy thing to pass back and forth between NumPy array views 
> and ctypes-objects views of memory.   I think such a thing would be very 
> powerful.

I assume the implementation would have to take place in the py3k branch,
and later it would (hopefully) be ported to the trunk?

Do I understand correctly that __array_interface__ and __array_struct__
are superseeded by what's in PEP 3118, or are these only out of scope for the PEP?


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