[SciPy-user] Test failures with latest SVN

Matthew Brett matthew.brett@gmail....
Wed Jan 16 06:05:33 CST 2008


> I am using Mac OS X 10.5.1 and recently updated to the latest svn
> version. (an older version was already working ok on leopard).
> I installed nose by hand. However I get a lot of errors in the tests.

You certainly do get a lot of errors.  Some of them are errors newly
exposed by the nose tests, the hope being that we can use the errors
to motivate us to fix the code.   For example, there are a lot of
weave errors that we need to clear up, from tests that may not have
been run before.

But, I noticed several errors that look as if you have a mix of old
and new scipy code - for example, the code tries to import datasource,
and the current SVN tree contains no reference to datasource.   Could
you do a clean install, after deleting the scipy installation
directory and build directory, and get back to us?



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