[SciPy-user] Bayes net question

Karl Young Karl.Young@ucsf....
Wed Jan 16 11:05:29 CST 2008

David Cournapeau wrote:

>Matthieu Brucher wrote:
>>    > I've heard much praise for Kevin Murphy's toolbox for Matlab (
>>    http://
>>    > www.cs.ubc.ca/~murphyk/Software/BNT/bnt.html
>>    <http://www.cs.ubc.ca/%7Emurphyk/Software/BNT/bnt.html> ), and
>>    this might be
>>    > helpful in extending PBNT or starting another Bayes net Python
>>    > library. Since it is released under the LGPL, any straightforward
>>    > port of Kevin's code to Python would likely need to live in scigpl.
>>    >
>>    >
>>    I actually asked K. Murphy if he would agree on dual licensing BNT and
>>    co under the BSD, for porting to scipy/scikits, and am waiting for
>>    his
>>    answer on this,
>>This is excellent news :)
>Well, nothing is done yet, so I am not sure if this can be called news 
>yet :)

I've looked at the documentation for that package (but refuse to go back 
to Matlab re. actually using it :-)) and it looks like it's quite a bit 
further along than OpenBayes re. options so does it seem like a 
consensus that we should wait for this to be settled before any 
decisions about incorporating Bayes nets ? As I mentioned before I'm 
willing to help (e.g. with a port) once a decision is reached re. the 
best approach.


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