[SciPy-user] Memory leak in delaunay interpolator

Robert Kern robert.kern@gmail....
Thu Jan 17 12:22:30 CST 2008

Pauli Virtanen wrote:
> Thu, 17 Jan 2008 10:02:02 +0100, Rob Hetland wrote:
>> On Jan 17, 2008, at 7:10 AM, Robert Kern wrote:
>>>> I am not sure if the patch from #382 has been applied to svn trunk, I
>>>> am
>>>> still finding my way around scipy.
>>> It got applied in the scikits tree, where it now lives.
>> I just reinstalled the latest scikits.delaunay package, and I am getting
>> a segfault right away, in the first interp statement.  With the older
>> version from the scipy.sandbox, I was getting a slow memory leak that
>> would segfault after many (thousands of) interpolator/ interp calls.
>> These code bases are different, primarily in the _delaunay.cpp file.
>> However, my C is bad, and my C++ is worse, so I am useless beyond
>> diffing the files...
>> I just wanted to point out that there are perhaps two separate issues
>> here.
> The current version [1] of 
> scikits.delaunay:_delaunay.cpp:nn_interpolate_unstructured_method
> appears to XDECREF the variable intz before returning it. Is this a 
> reference count error?
> [1] http://svn.scipy.org/svn/scikits/trunk/delaunay/scikits/delaunay/
> _delaunay.cpp

Yup. Try it now.

Robert Kern

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