[SciPy-user] timeseries import error

Matt Knox mattknox_ca@hotmail....
Mon Jan 21 14:37:16 CST 2008

> @Pierre/Matt: Is there anything a non-C-Programmer can help with getting the
> package ready for a Scikit?

Porting the package to a scikit is going to be fairly trivial. It is really
just a matter of waiting on the maskedarray numpy merging. Although since the
maskedarray branch has been created, I suppose we can start this work now with
the disclaimer that the maskedarray branch is required for the timeseries

The only changes we will have to make to the code is to change a few import
statements, and change the setup.py script to use setuptools and install the
timeseries module as a scikit namespace package. I can take care of those

If you are looking to help in general... here is a rough list of some to-do
items for the timeseries module which do not require any knowledge of C

 - verify unit tests work using the nose framework
 - add plotting support for hourly, minutely, and secondly frequencies
 - clean up reporting code and optimize for performance
 - create appropriate *tolist* methods for TimeSeries and TimeSeriesRecords
 - improve robustness of moving_funcs for multidimensional arrays
 - add section to documentation about working with time series and databases

 plus the ever present...
 - add more unit tests
 - improve documentation

If you want to tackle any of those items and need some additional clarity,
drop me a line. Help is always appreciated!

- Matt

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