[SciPy-user] timeseries import error

Tim Michelsen timmichelsen@gmx-topmail...
Wed Jan 23 14:06:20 CST 2008

Hello Matt and others interested in timeseries!

I really would be delighted to see timeseries in a scikit and 
stabilized. Windows builds would be a great cross-platform plus. But, 
OKI, let'S be patient ;-)

my Scipy / Python learning curve is still high. Therefore, my 
contibution my be a basic one.

>  plus the ever present...
>  - add more unit tests
This later when I know more about this...

>  - improve documentation
I can help out here. Do you have any guidelines/ideas?
I can imagine: Timeseries/FAQ & Timeseries/Recipies
The would be based upon my own short tests of the package and enough to 
get one started.

Kind regards,

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