[SciPy-user] compare two csv files

Andrew Straw strawman@astraw....
Thu Jan 24 16:18:43 CST 2008

Hi Fabian, this is not a direct answer to your question, but you also
may be intrested in matplotlib's mlab.csv2rec() which automatically
creates a recordarray from a csv file. John Hunter and I, to much lesser
degree, have been hacking on this to work for us. Please feel free to
check its suitability for your purposes.

Fabian Braennstroem wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to compare two csv file; actually two columns 
> from two csv files.
> I would use something like:
> def read_test():
>      start  = time.clock()
>      reader = csv.reader( file('data.txt') )
>      data   = [ map(float, row) for row in reader ]
>      data   = array(data, dtype = float)
> To get my data into an array.
> Does anyone have an idea, how to compare the two columns?
> Would be nice!
> Fabian
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