[SciPy-user] timeseries import error

Tim Michelsen timmichelsen@gmx-topmail...
Fri Jan 25 15:28:32 CST 2008

Thanks for your clarifications.

> I won't be providing any binaries until there has been an official release of
> numpy using the new version of the masked array module. I can't provide a
> timeline for that because I am not really involved in that process. But keep
> your eyes peeled for discussion on a numpy 1.0.5 release since that it is when
> it is likely to happen from my understanding.
So sometime in March or April?
I couldn't find a release plan...

> As far as ubuntu binaries... I'm a die hard windows guy so I won't be of any
> help here.
Interesting. I found using Python on windows difficult because there is 
not yet any package manager which can install all needed FOSS packaged 
like apt/rpm/fink.
As you know from my previous postings, I had difficulties to prepare 
windows binaries. I have to use Windows at work... Therefore, you 
affiliation with this OS would be of use here.

> It should be extremely simple to build on ubuntu though since linux
> comes setup with compilers and there are no external dependencies for the
> timeseries module outside of numpy and scipy itself (and scipy is only a run
> time requirement, not needed for building it).
Yes, it is. I was able to build the version from the sandbox svn just with
checkinstall python ./setup.py install

When we are ready for binary releases I might even try to prepare a 
official Ubuntu package.


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