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Our version of SciPy is 0.60.win32-py2.5.

We are solving  b = Ax, where b and x are 'float' vectors, A is an MxN sparse matrix (with M != N) with binary (ie. 0 or 1) entries, and is defined as:

        A = scipy.asmatrix(scipy.zeros((M, N), float))            #  'float' because byte int not supported yet

A is populated.  We then use the following SciPy statement to transform into a sparse matrix in csc format:

        A = scipy.sparse.csc_matrix(A)                                 # scipy sparse csc matrix version

Next, calculate b as:

        b = A * x

We don't have drastically varying values.  Cheers!



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On Jan 25, 2008 9:59 PM, Dinesh B Vadhia <dineshbvadhia@hotmail.com> wrote:
> We built a working C++ program using the SparseLib++ library last year.  We
> are now creating a Python version of the program using the Scipy sparse
> library (the csc matrix format) and the results of the program are very
> different to the C++ program.  It's either the Python program or the data.
> We have checked the programs and the data and cannot identify any
> discrepencies.
> Is it possible that the Scipy sparse libraries behave differently from the
> SparseLib++ library?  I would have said unlikely but I guess anything is
> possible.

Can you tell us what sparse functionality you are using and which
version of SciPy you have?  Can you produce a short script that
demonstrates the problem?

SciPy sparse arithmetic should produce the same results as
SparseLib++.  The only case when this may not be true is when the
entries of your matrix have drastically varying values (e.g. 1e-10 vs
1e10) and the lack of associativity in floating math produces
different results.

Nathan Bell wnbell@gmail.com

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