[SciPy-user] assign to diagonal values?

Mclean Edwards mcleane@math.ubc...
Thu Jan 31 02:00:51 CST 2008

To make up for my earlier response, I have coded a small timer routine
that generates a 1000x1000 uniformly random matrix with values between 0 
and 1 (using cvxopt), then tests the code suggested 10 000 times each
with randomly generated diagonal vectors.

I have a slow system, but the averaged results are:

0.8 seconds to run David's striding code (in place modification)

6 seconds to run Anne's code

18 seconds to run a for-loop

This is an impressive speed up.

For smaller matrices (100x100) there is still one order of magnitude 
between for-next loops and the suggested setdiag.

Code available upon request (requires cvxopt).



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