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Travis Vaught travis@enthought....
Thu Jul 3 16:16:40 CDT 2008

Hey Mark,

You're right.  Pierre has been extremely responsive--a great example  
to us all!

Our plan is to have a _minimum _ of two releases per year and your  
suggestion of 4 times is fairly likely.  It depends a lot on the  
frequency and urgency of updates to underlying libraries.  Any bugs in  
the installer itself should prompt urgent correction, so there may be  
updates due to this alone.

I'm glad you've found these things useful.  Let me know if you have  
any other questions.



On Jul 3, 2008, at 12:15 PM, Mark Bakker wrote:

> Hello Travis and other Enthought guru's -
> I have benefited from the Enthought distribution for years, and  
> really want to switch to a Mac, so this is great news.
> My main concern with the Enthought distribution is the frequency of  
> new releases. The guys at Python(x,y) are exceptionally quick at  
> updating. That may be hard to match (and cost a lot of effort). What  
> are your plans at releasing updates? Any chance we can look forward  
> to a new version maybe 4 times a year or so?
> Thanks again for putting these together,
> Mark
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