[SciPy-user] Portability problems (on Solaris)

James Turner jturner@gemini....
Mon Jul 7 19:36:48 CDT 2008

Following my last post on numpy-discussion (Re: Ctypes required?
Fails to build.), I have found some additional portability
issues -- this time in SciPy (0.6.0) -- that cause my build to
fail on Solaris 9 with the Sun WorkShop 6 compiler.

Is this a good place to report these, or should I make a ticket
for them? They don't really need any troubleshooting -- just
changing (or not).

1. In the ndimage module, there is a C++ style comment
    at lines 144-145 of ni_interpolation.c.

2. The Sun ForTran compiler doesn't like the "END" syntax
    used in linalg/iterative -- for example
    "END SUBROUTINE sSTOPTEST2" fails but "END" on its
    own works (a shame, since the first syntax is nicer).
    This applies to all the ForTran files in that directory.

3. The main INSTALL.txt file says this: "Currently the SciPy
    build process does not use a C++ compiler, but the SciPy
    module Weave uses a C++ compiler at run time, so it is
    good to have a C++ compiler around as well". However,
    when I try to build SciPy with no C++ compiler available,
    the build stops at "scipy/sparese/sparsetools/
    sparsetools_wrap.cxx" with the error "c++: not found" and
    SciPy doesn't get installed. Do I need to tell it not to
    build certain modules?



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