[SciPy-user] Portability problems (on Solaris)

James Turner jturner@gemini....
Tue Jul 8 10:14:36 CDT 2008

> > 2. The Sun ForTran compiler doesn't like the "END" syntax
> >    used in linalg/iterative -- for example
> >    "END SUBROUTINE sSTOPTEST2" fails but "END" on its
> >    own works (a shame, since the first syntax is nicer).
> >    This applies to all the ForTran files in that directory.
> Isn't that standard Fortran-77? If it isn't, I'll change it. If
> it is, I am going to have to insist on not supporting such
> broken compilers.

I did a quick search for "Fortran 77 standard" and came up with
the following, which suggests that the syntax is just "END" without
extra characters but AFAICT doesn't explicitly forbid the latter.


> The docs are old and wrong. scipy.sparse does require C++.

OK, thanks. I'd be happy to update that paragraph (is it just
sparse that needs C++?) if there is some wiki page for editing
documentation like NumPy has? In the meantime I'm trying to get
a working C++ compiler installed (seemed for a moment like I
was finally almost finished building stuff...).



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