[SciPy-user] -lf77compat failure - SciPy on AMD64 Sun Studio

Michael Abshoff michael.abshoff@googlemail....
Mon Jul 14 21:35:57 CDT 2008

Robert Kern wrote:


Hi Robert,

> Yup. We can do a version check. For >= 8.3, we don't put in f77compat.
> Can you and Phil check that if you modify that line of code in sun.py
> to omit f77compat on your Sun Fortran 95 8.3 boxes, that it works?
> (Ugh, that sentence got away from me, but too late now!)

:) - I am working on it, but it will be tomorrow until I am done.

>> It seems that Phil is not poking around. I have some odd numpy 1.0.4cvs
>> failure with gcc in 32 bit mode on Solaris 10 Intel when computing roots
>> of polynomials. Since Sage will finally upgrade to numpy 1.1 soon I will
>> try to see if I can reproduce the problem there and for fun I can also
>> build numpy 1.1 + scipy in 64 bit mode with Sun Forte. So if there are
>> any patches let me know and I can try them out.
> I'm not sure if any are relevant, but we have a branch for the
> upcoming 1.1.1 bugfix release:
>   http://svn.scipy.org/svn/numpy/branches/1.1.x/

Yeah, I am aware of that, but I just build Python 2.5.2 and numpy 1.1.0 
and expect for the borken ctypes all tests pass on x86-64 Solaris with 
Sun Studio 12 in 64 bit mode. Unfortunately I do not have the SunPerf 
lib installed for x86-64, so I will have to do the whole thing on Sparc 
again before attempting to come up with a set of working flags. I have 
an ATLAS+Lapack build on that box, but I used gfortran, so it won't be 
any good in debugging this problem.

>> Otherwise I will likely
>> do some crude patching to get the flags right and let you guys work out
>> the fines details :)

One more thing: Sin Phil wants to build a 64 bit version he ought to set


Notice .../lib/amd64/... since lib contains the 32 bit version of the 
library and lib/amd64 the 64 bit version.

And for the SunPerf lib itself: There are a bunch of them on my Sparc box:

-bash-3.00$ find /usr/local/SunStudio12-200709/ -name "lib*perf*"

And the same applies here: the v9 is 64 bit while v8 and v7 are 32 bit. 
Hope this helps. If anybody cares I can send my notes on the build 
(including Python) to the list so that someone interested can stuff them 
in the wiki. There seems to be no mention of Solaris on


I also send some build info on 64 bit OSX out a while ago and somebody 
mentioned that those might also be well placed in the wiki.



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