[SciPy-user] -lf77compat failure - SciPy on AMD64 Sun Studio

Phil Forrest forrest@physics.Auburn....
Tue Jul 15 15:13:15 CDT 2008

Robert Kern wrote:

>> Yup. We can do a version check. For >= 8.3, we don't put in f77compat.
>> Can you and Phil check that if you modify that line of code in sun.py
>> to omit f77compat on your Sun Fortran 95 8.3 boxes, that it works?
>> (Ugh, that sentence got away from me, but too late now!)

Hey Guys,

I did not have any success on a Sun Studio 12 (8.3) scipy build with
f77compat removed from the sun.py in the numpy tree. The numpy build went
fine (I cleaned the tree, downloaded the source, built via 'python setup.py

I didn't want to flood this list with compile error messages, so please let
me know if someone would like me to send out the build failure output for

>One more thing: Sin Phil wants to build a 64 bit version he ought to set

I do not need (at the moment) a 64-bit build. Which is why my environment
variables for BLAS and LAPACK point to 32 bit libs:


>Notice .../lib/amd64/... since lib contains the 32 bit version of the
library and lib/amd64 the 64 bit version.

Again, I know about as much of python as my 2 year old nephew. I'm
attempting this install at the request of a researcher who needs it.


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