[SciPy-user] OpenOpt svn broken on Windows

dmitrey dmitrey.kroshko@scipy....
Wed Jul 16 11:37:06 CDT 2008

Matthieu Brucher wrote:
> Hi,
> As Alan states it, you could use a diffrent name. Why not use
> algencan2_oo.py ?
I don't think using r = p.solve('algencan2') is a good idea, even 
"algencan" is too long to type. Also, there is a number of those 
algencan 2.0beta, 2.0.1beta, ..., 2.0.4 beta and the number will continue.

Also it means after new A. version I should remove old files each time, 
making some users code not working.
>  With the current registry pattern in OO, the name of
> the solver is not dependent on the actual implementation file.
I don't understand what do you mean here, see runProbSolver.py, solver 
is extracting from py-file with same name.

> Besides, you could resfactor the code by using some patterns, as Alan
> suggested it ;)
I intend just to remove ALGENCAN_oo.py, because I don't see needs to 
continue it maintenance in future.

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