[SciPy-user] OpenOpt svn broken on Windows

dmitrey dmitrey.kroshko@scipy....
Wed Jul 16 11:58:56 CDT 2008

Matthieu Brucher wrote:
> 2008/7/16 dmitrey <dmitrey.kroshko@scipy.org>:
>> Matthieu Brucher wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> As Alan states it, you could use a diffrent name. Why not use
>>> algencan2_oo.py ?
>> I don't think using r = p.solve('algencan2') is a good idea, even
>> "algencan" is too long to type. Also, there is a number of those
>> algencan 2.0beta, 2.0.1beta, ..., 2.0.4 beta and the number will continue.
>> Also it means after new A. version I should remove old files each time,
>> making some users code not working.
> Algecan2 is supposed to have a clear interface, isn't it ? So you only
> have one wrapper per major version. This is done in other packages as
> well. And it is clearer that this is for algecan 2.x and not for
> algecan 1.x.
I meant not 2.0.1 vs 2.0.3 but 2.x vs 3.x vs ... as well
>>>  With the current registry pattern in OO, the name of
>>> the solver is not dependent on the actual implementation file.
>> I don't understand what do you mean here, see runProbSolver.py, solver
>> is extracting from py-file with same name.
> It wasn't the case some time ago. But you still can do what I mean.
> I see that you can't register a new solver in OO on the fly and use
> your wrappers. Why didn't you make __solverPaths__ directly a
> dictionary that you populate then ? This way, you always have one
> __solverPaths__ that is not different accross modules, as it could be
> expected to be.
Because the solution you propose turn out to be a headache, especially 
for me - and that's the main reason why I have removed your dictionary 
Each time I created solvers like "ralgELS", "ralg2" etc (with some 
modifications to compare results with origin ralg) I have got a error 
during execution and have to go to runProbSolver.py file to fix the 
issue (as well as for connecting a new solver). Also, I was not fond of 
those dozens of additional lines of code in rPS.py
>>> Besides, you could resfactor the code by using some patterns, as Alan
>>> suggested it ;)
>> I intend just to remove ALGENCAN_oo.py, because I don't see needs to
>> continue it maintenance in future.
> Of course ;) but you should try to reuse your code at the beginning as well ;)
I don't know what code do you mean here, I had already moved some code 
from ALGENCAN_oo.py to algencan_oo.py. Also, only 1 version of algencan 
can be used with OO because both versions produce pywrapper.so file, and 
only 1 can be used from PYTHONPATH. Of course, I can create a workaround 
but I have lots of other things to do, especially to complite my GSoC 
assigned tasks.

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