[SciPy-user] OpenOpt svn broken on Windows

dmitrey dmitrey.kroshko@scipy....
Wed Jul 16 14:32:56 CDT 2008

Matthieu Brucher wrote:
>> __solverPaths__ is exported by runProbSolver.py, and than converted from None to
>> dict. I intended to init it in runProbSolver.py but some issues had
>> appeared (Python reported of bugs) so I had moved it to ooMisc.py
> It has not been moved to ooMisc. The actual registry is only available
> in runProbSolver. Because you are initializing it in runProbSolver and
> not in ooMisc.
What is not been moved to ooMisc?! I have said I encountered bugs while 
creating __solverPaths__ in runProbSolver, so now it's created in ooMisc 
(as None). Of course, then I redefine it as Python dict (in runProbSolver).
>>> I didn't know that there was only one filename. Is it something you
>>> build or is it something algecan provides ?
>> latter. pywrapper.so it generated by ALGENCAN. As I had mentioned, I
>> could create a workaround but I have lots of other things to do.
> And it is not your job to try to get a workaround (IMHO) ;)
Neither connecting IPOPT nor ALGENCAN 2.x version  (as well as some 
other work done during my GSoC 2008) are not mentioned in my 
GSoC-assigned schedule (still I had spent some more time because some OO 
users were very interested in these issues). So it's not my job to get 
ALGENCAN workaround.

If my GSoC mentors will insist on getting OO svn work for windows w/o 
wait for next OO release, for to economy my time I'll just remove 
ALGENCAN_oo.py, it will take much less efforts.

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