[SciPy-user] OpenOpt svn broken on Windows

Matthieu Brucher matthieu.brucher@gmail....
Thu Jul 17 00:52:37 CDT 2008

> Neither connecting IPOPT nor ALGENCAN 2.x version  (as well as some
> other work done during my GSoC 2008) are not mentioned in my
> GSoC-assigned schedule (still I had spent some more time because some OO
> users were very interested in these issues). So it's not my job to get
> ALGENCAN workaround.

I've just noticed this.
If you want people to help you, provide a simple way of doing so.
Write a little tutorial about registering a basic solver and then you
may have help.
I don't think that maintaining a package is only a GSoC work. You will
always have work that you did not plan to do. But modifying an
external package (algecan) is not the same as enhancing your own
package. The first is not your primary job. The latter is.

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