[SciPy-user] OpenOpt svn broken on Windows

dmitrey dmitrey.kroshko@scipy....
Thu Jul 17 02:19:12 CDT 2008

Matthieu Brucher wrote:
> There are two parts in what I'm saying:
> - the first is that there is a langage (Python) misunderstanding, see
> the link Alan provided sooner in the discussion, probably leading to
> mistakes in the future,
> - the second is that you have to expose it if you want people to help you.
> Let me explain this.
> You are complaining that you have to connect several optimizers
> yourself to OO. 
Matthieu, IIRC I had been never complaining that I have to connect 
several optimizers to OO. As well as I don't need any help, it would be 
enough for me to feel myself OK would anyone don't commit his changes 
w/o even notification to me (and than I had to find bugs). IIRC there 
was a time I had proposed you to sent tarball with your proposed changes 
to me before committing to svn (to check for bugs) but you ignored it. 
The things like these make me crazy much more than doing OO jobs by 
myself (latter is preferred by me).
> This is sad, because, as you've stated, you don't have
> much time, you have to work on the GSoC. So your best interest and the
> best interest of the OO users is that additional people show up and
> help you.
> So what is the best course of action? Not everyone wants to have
> access to the SVN. Enabling adding solvers on the fly solves this (and
> you already stated before that you don't like people committing
> changes to the SVN without your approval, so this IS the only way of
> properly doing things). People install OO from the latest tarball.
> Then they can create their own solver, add some tests to check if it
> is working and then come back to you. This way, you will have feedback
> from the community as well, and you won't feel alone developing the
> package.
> So if you want people to help you, please advertise __solverPaths__
> and write a small tutorial.
> If you don't want people helping you, please stop saying that it is
> not your job to connect solver X or solver Y. 
Please give me a link to my message where I say "it is not my job to 
connect solver X or solver Y".

> It is, as you are the
> only developer of this specific part of the package.
>> Currently I removed import  __solverPaths__, add __solverPaths__= None
>> in rPS.py file and it works ok with my Python 2.5 but I got a error in
>> 2.4, that's why I had moved __solverPaths__ to ooMisc. I intend to
>> remove it (from svn) later, when Python 2.4 will be too obsolete.
> This is strange. I'll try to find out what is happening and I'll let you know ;)
> Matthieu

Let me also remember you that OO had been started even before GSOC 2007, 
and in GSoC 2008 rules (Python dept) they clarified that all code 
produced by student is his own one (still it should be available with 
BSD license). If you want to fork openopt to other package and develop 
that one by yourself - please inform me ASAP.

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