[SciPy-user] Is there a collection of useful functions/modules?

Joshua shad0wfade@yahoo....
Wed Jul 30 09:42:50 CDT 2008

I'm very new to Python, as in
only a week of programming, and was wondering if there is a page with a
collection of highly useful functions/modules that are not necessarily
maintained on a release-to-release basis for things like performing
FFT's on data in a file.

I wrote a function to do this using Numpy, and put in options to normalize the FFT
for me, and take the absolute value.  There are many other options I
should add, but before I add complexity, I wouldn't mind having my code
scrutinized, and made available for others to use and optimize.  That
way students and researchers don't have to reinvent the wheel, unless
they want to or are using some odd formatting scheme.  Just have the amplitude data in the list column wise.

exempli gratia:
... et cetera.

This code makes no particular frequency sampling assumptions (other than the sampling was done correctly), and only deals with simple FFT processing.

I've attached the code and welcome scrutiny.

There are few things that I know I should to add/restructure to my code: better
error handling, printing out the phase, multi-dimensional analysis, and |Magnitude| in 20dB.

Thanks for your help

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