[SciPy-user] [Fwd: 3D interpolation over irregular data]

mark starnes m.starnes05@imperial.ac...
Wed Jul 30 10:11:30 CDT 2008

Hi everyone,

I've looked through the list here and in Numpy-users, and checked the
'net but can't find an answer to this problem (with luck, I've missed
something obvious!).

I've an array of velocities at 80,000 points, irregularly spaced (from a
CFD analysis).  I'd like to generate the interpolated velocity at any
position in the domain, to map the data to an acoustics analysis on a
different mesh.

I tried a least squares approach but the errors are too large using
polynomials and trigonometric functions.  My conclusion is that I need a
nearest-neighbour type interpolation routine.

Is there such a routine in Scipy or Numpy?  From inspection of Matlab's
functions 'interp3' may be similar to what I would like, but I can't test.

If there's nothing available, I'll end up converting one of the
submitted scripts at the url,


Thanks in advance,


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