[SciPy-user] Core dump and import errors during scipy.test()

James Turner jturner@gemini....
Wed Jul 30 18:30:12 CDT 2008

Hot on the heels of my numpy.test() core dump, I now have one from
scipy.test() using SciPy 0.6.0, again on RedHat Enterprise 3 with
Python 2.5.1. The last line (with verbosity=2) is this:

(scipy.integrate.tests.test_quadpack.test_quad)Floating exception (core dumped)

I tried running gdb on the core dump and I'm not 100% sure what
I'm looking at, but maybe this bit is useful?

Loaded symbols for 
#0  0xb61359c0 in dqawfe_ (f=0xb612a6e8 <quad_function>, a=0xbfff94a0,
     omega=0xbfff94c0, integr=0xbfff94a8, epsabs=0xbfff94d8, limlst=0xbfff94b4,
     limit=0xbfff94b8, maxp1=0xbfff94bc, result=0xbfff94d0, abserr=0xbfff94c8,
     neval=0xbfff9484, ier=0xbfff9488, lst=0xbfff948c, alist=0x88024a8,
     blist=0x8802640, rlist=0x8805698, elist=0x8805830, iord=0x8719b70,
     nnlog=0x87566b8, chebmo=0x8802f80) at scipy/integrate/quadpack/dqawfe.f:267
267        10 l = dabs(omega)

In addition, I have a load of import failures at the start of the
tests, due to a missing symbol (zfftnd_fftw) in _fftpack.so. From
a Google search, it looks like this is a known SciPy problem that
David has fixed in the SVN repository. Is there a workaround for
the public SciPy release? I don't really understand what makes
this show up on my machine or whether everyone sees it (but then
presumably there would have been a SciPy 0.6.1 release?). It looks
like one of the files is just missing from the compilation.

Thanks for any suggestions,


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