[SciPy-user] ANN: PyDSTool 0.86 released

Rob Clewley rob.clewley@gmail....
Sun Jun 1 13:26:17 CDT 2008

The latest update to the open-source python dynamical systems modeling
toolbox, PyDSTool 0.86, has been posted on Sourceforge.
Major highlights are:

 * Now compatible with Python 2.5 and Numpy 1.0.4 / Scipy 0.6.0
 * Decreased overhead for simulating hybrid models
 * Improved efficiency of VODE Generator in computing trajectories
 * Interval class now supports discrete valued intervals
 * Improved diagnostic reporting structure in Generator and Model classes
 * Inclusion of intuitive arithmetic operations for Point and Pointset classes
 * Various bug fixes and other API tidying

This is a minor update in preparation for a substantial upgrade at
version 0.90, which will move symbolic expression support over to
SymPy, support much more sophisticated data-driven model inference,
and greatly improve the implementation of C-based ODE integrators.

You can download the latest version from
For installation and setting up, as well as some tutorial information,
see http://pydstool.sourceforge.net
The download contains full API documentation, BSD license information,
and further details of recent code changes.

As ever, all feedback is welcome as we try to find time to improve our
code base.

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