[SciPy-user] interpn

lorenzo bolla lbolla@gmail....
Wed Jun 4 09:47:15 CDT 2008

Hello all!

Is there, in scipy or numpy, a function similar to Matlab's interpn?
>From Matlab's help on interpn:
"VI = interpn(X1,X2,X3,...,V,Y1,Y2,Y3,...) interpolates to find VI,
the values of the underlying multidimensional function V at the points
in the arrays Y1, Y2, Y3, etc. For an n-dimensional array V, interpn
is called with 2*N+1 arguments. Arrays X1, X2, X3, etc. specify the
points at which the data V is given. Out of range values are returned
as NaNs. ..."

Basically, I've got a function from R^n to R. I know its value in a
set of points in R^n. I want to interpolate them so as to be able to
evaluate the function in any R^n point.

Thank you in advance!

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