[SciPy-user] scikits.timeseries AttributeError

BEM bemclaugh@gmail....
Thu Jun 5 20:55:04 CDT 2008

I am trying to generate a plot of data sampled at about 1/5Hz...
(ts.__version__ = 1.0)

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import scikits.timeseries as ts
import scikits.timeseries.lib.plotlib as tpl

dates = ts.date_array([q[1] for q in data], freq='S')
val = [q[4] for q in data]
raw_series = ts.time_series(val, dates)
series = ts.fill_missing_dates(raw_series)

fig = tpl.tsfigure()
fsp = fig.add_tsplot(111)
fsp.tsplot(series, '-')

I get an:
AttributeError: TimeSeries_DateLocator instance has no attribute

I can, however, run the Yahoo financial example and produce a report
of the data I am attempting to plot that looks correct:
import scikits.timeseries.lib.reportlib as rl
basicReport = rl.Report(series)
print basicReport()

Any ideas?

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