[SciPy-user] Adding new columns to 2D array & populating them

Ivo Maljevic ivo.maljevic@gmail....
Fri Jun 6 12:49:23 CDT 2008

The short answer is: they do not appear to be exactly the same.

The longer answer (there are may who will know this way better than I do),
can be found if you look at the source code in :


and then open file


You will find the concatenator class that does a whole bunch of things, and
then r_class and c_class which inherit concatenator. c_ and r_ are just
"attached" to those classes.

2008/6/6 Tim Gray <tgray@protozoic.com>:

> So what is the difference between the c_ operator and hstack?  Or r_ and
> vstack?  I'm not too clear on the c_ and r_ operators.  Is there an
> efficiency gain related to using them?  Do the do something special?
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