[SciPy-user] f2py "Segmentation fault", please help

Kimberly Artita kartita@gmail....
Wed Jun 11 16:57:17 CDT 2008

I recently updated my system (including python, scipy, numpy) and now get a
bizarre "Segmentation fault" message where I didn't before.

I have problems reading in data.  Here is any example from my fortran file

     character(len=4) :: title(60)

     open (2,file="file.cio")

     read (2,5100) title

     5100 format (20a4)

The file "file.cio" contains this:
General Input/Output section (file.cio):           Thu Mar 13 17:32:19 2008
AVSWAT2000 - SWAT interface MDL

Previously, it read in the data as :"General Input/Output section
(file.cio):           Thu Mar 1"

But now all I get is: "Segmentation fault" and then my program stops.

Please give me guidance!
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