[SciPy-user] Advanced Image Processing with Python

Sebastian Haase haase@msg.ucsf....
Sat Jun 21 15:38:40 CDT 2008

On Sat, Jun 21, 2008 at 10:24 AM, Pierre Raybaut <contact@pythonxy.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm about to start a project at work and I would really appreciate to
> have your opinion.
> The purpose of this project is to develop a modular image and signal
> processing software (I would really like it to be open-source but it's
> far from easy at my work, so I'll see in time) with an "object-oriented
> GUI" (i.e. from the user point of view) and an interactive console.
> Image processing features will be quite advanced (not just filters and
> basic operations) and signal processing features will be basic (just
> what's needed to process image profiles: smoothing, curve fitting, and
> so on).
> I am sure that some of you are using advanced image processing tools in
> Python.
> So, according to your experience in this field, what would be the most
> complete, advanced and up-to-date Python module for this application?
> Apparently, VTK, OpenCV, and PIL (too basic?) are generally used in this
> field.

Hi Pierre,
You failed to say what you mean by "image" -- 2D or 3D or maybe even
sequences of the above ...
Color or gray-scale or multi-wavelength !?

How would your software compare to existing ones -- like ImageJ ?

- Sebastian Haase

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