[SciPy-user] Advanced Image Processing with Python

Pierre Raybaut contact@pythonxy....
Tue Jun 24 13:26:18 CDT 2008

>> > Hi Zach,
>> >
>> > Among all Python image processing libraries, ITK appears to be the  
>> > most promising (thanks to WrapITK - as you know, Zach, of course: http://voxel.jouy.inra.fr/darcs/contrib-itk/WrapITK/WrapITK_-_Enhanced_languages_support_for_the_Insight_Toolkit.pdf) 
>> > . But for Windows users (and I am one, unfortunately), ITK seems  
>> > difficult to build compared to VTK for instance (and it's a very  
>> > long process - 3 hours on my machine which is quite powerful). I've  
>> > already tried and failed with MinGW and VSC2003.
>> > That is really weird for such an interesting library to be almost  
>> > closed to Windows users: there is no binaries available for Python  
>> > 2.5 (actually there is none for VTK either but at least it's easy to  
>> > build). And when I see what it can do (at least on paper), it  
>> > surprises me that no one tried to build it on Windows before (and  
>> > shared the binaries with the community), except for Python 2.4 (http://cpbotha.net/2007/08/02/python-enabled-vtk-51-and-itk-32-windows-binaries/ 
>> > ). Is there any reason for that? (is this library not so good as it  
>> > seems?)
>> >
>> > Anyway, if I succeed, I will be glad to share the result with the  
>> > community.
> Hi Pierre,
> I'd advise asking for help on the ITK list -- they take quite  
> seriously their commitment to cross-platform build-ability (to the  
> extent of having built that CMake tool precisely to that end).

I'm giving it a try with VSC2005 Express, and if it goes wrong I'll 
switch to ITK list for support indeed -- good suggestion.

> Now, it's been a while since I was involved with WrapITK, but last I  
> checked, the ITK people were pretty enthusiastic about getting it  
> integrated into ITK and fully supported. Hopefully this is still the  
> case! (Though coaxing the CMake build system into performing the magic  
> required to run everything was non-trivial, due to limitations in the  
> CMake language, so perhaps it has been difficult to maintain.)
Apparently, WrapITK is now a part of ITK package but there is still a 
warning in CMake when you enable it (something like "WrapITK is still 
experimental [...] some problems have been reported when building on 
Windows platforms [...]").
I had problems which were in fact limitations of MinGW and VSC2003, so 
at this stage I can't really say that the CMake configuration does not 
work. I'll see tomorrow morning if it worked with VSC2005 when I get 
back to my work...
> Good luck,
Hope I won't need it ;)

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