[SciPy-user] Radial Basis Function Interpolation

lorenzo bolla lbolla@gmail....
Fri Jun 27 09:54:13 CDT 2008

Using scipy.interpolate.Rbf, I found two bugs.
One is a typo in one of the possible values of the 'function' keyword:
'gausian' instead of 'gaussian'.
Another one is the lack of import of numpy.exp, required by 'gaussian'.

The following diff fixes these bugs.

$ diff rbf_orig.py rbf.py
< from numpy import sqrt, log, asarray, newaxis, all, dot, float64, eye
> from numpy import sqrt, exp, log, asarray, newaxis, all, dot, float64, eye
<         elif self.function.lower() == 'gausian':
>         elif self.function.lower() == 'gaussian':
<                 'gausian': exp(-(self.epsilon*r)**2)
>                 'gaussian': exp(-(self.epsilon*r)**2)


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