[SciPy-user] [Newbie] High-performance plotting of large datasets

Stef Mientki s.mientki@ru...
Sat Mar 1 04:12:25 CST 2008

hi Bryan,

unfortunately you're not able to post your code,
(btw why not ?)
but maybe you can answer a few questions ....

Bryan Cole wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm an ex-LabView user, now using python for lab data-acquisition and
> analysis for some years now. It's well worth the switch.
I'm too a former MatLab / LabView user,
and I'm quit happy with Python / Scipy / wxPython for now.
At the moment I'm trying to write an open source LabView equivalent,
first results can be seen here:
> Your best bet is
> http://pyqwt.sourceforge.net/
> You're right, matplotlib/chaco are too slow for "interactive real-time"
> type work. The strengths of these packages are their
> presentation-quality output (vector and anti-aliased bitmap graphics).
> For data-acquisition applications, I prefer wxPython  to Qt (I may move
> to something based on Traits/ETS once I figure out how to install it).
> For GUIs I have a home-made plotting widget which is fast enough for
> real-time work. Unfortunately, I'm not yet in a position to post it
> publicly. If you need *really* high performance, it's not too hard to
> write a plot-widget using PyOpenGL directly.
I'm in the middle of writing a real time plot widget, based on direct 
canvas drawing,
don't know yet how fast it is. I hope to make a video of it next week.

But I wonder if you've a good data-acquisition module.
I've one now (can use Soundcard , some NI-modules and several dedicated 
DAQ cards),
but it's in fact a windows executable that I can control from Python.
And of course I', looking for a more OS-indepedant solution.


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