[SciPy-user] [Newbie] High-performance plotting of large datasets

Bryan Cole bryan@cole.uklinux....
Sun Mar 2 15:55:08 CST 2008

> >   
> Are you sure you meant that  *chaco* is too slow?  The stated difference 
> of chaco with matplotlib is interactive plotting and I know a bit of 
> effort goes in to making it fast.

You're quite right to pull me up on this. In fact, I've not tested chaco
for this type of application so I can't say for sure if it's fast enough
or not. I guess, my expectation was that it would not be much faster
than matplotlib (given they both use Antigrain for rendering, which
tends to be the bottleneck). Whenever I tried any type of anti-aliased
drawing (antigrain or cairo) there is always a significant performance
hit (on linux anyway). 

> I'm curious what problems you tried chaco on for which it was too slow.  

Sounds like I should revisit chaco (I haven't tried it in a while).
My main problem with it is lack of documentation (this is really what
has prevented me from testing it extensively).


> -Travis O.

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