[SciPy-user] [Newbie] High-performance plotting of large datasets

Stef Mientki s.mientki@ru...
Mon Mar 3 14:29:11 CST 2008

hi Gael,

I might even agree more with you than you or I thought at first sight ...

Gael Varoquaux wrote:
> Traits can be seen as three things:
> * Type validation of attributes:
good point, if you know how to handle the exceptions, instead of
"error 1229:  contact your distributor"
> * Reactive/callback programming made easy.
very good point, should be done all the time !
> * Visualization made easy:
it's boring, but also a very good point,
although I'm not a MS fan at all,
all programs should be good as Excel at this point.
>> but as follower of the KISS principle, again I don't understand it.
> KISS is great, but remember: 1 month of hard work can save you one week
> end of learning. If you start doing interactive GUIs, you won't be able
> to get around learning a few things, and I think it is easier to learn
> Traits than the alternatives.
I'll hope the future will change that: simple programming for everyone !
> No object oriented programming. I don't believe you can do complexe
> codebases without OOP.
> In addition you don't have any reactive programming: the code above
> cannot be interactive. This is what I call a "visual script". Going from
> program-driven logics, where the user is presented sequentially a set of
> dialogs, to user-driven logics, where the user (or an experiment) keeps
> interacting with the program, will require a paradigm shift.
More than agree,
my adagiao:  "the best programs are written by users",
unfortunately programming is yet too difficult for most domain experts.
>  I believe
> that Traits will make this paradigm shifte easier than any alternative. I
> also believe your second best bet is PyQt. But Traits has a nice
> model/view separation in which you can get the reactive programming
> without the GUI event-loop, and that's really nice.
> In short, yes you do have to learn things, but you won't get an
> interactive program for free, sorry.
And now I get a strange feeling, ...
... that I'm working on some kind of traits,
maybe a lot less sophisticated,
but on the other hand much easier ;-)
thanks for the explanation,

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