[SciPy-user] [Newbie] High-performance plotting of large datasets

Stef Mientki s.mientki@ru...
Tue Mar 4 15:47:55 CST 2008

hi Fred

fred wrote:
> Stef Mientki a écrit :
>> I agree, Traits might be a very good choice (once you've mastered it),
>> so again I fully agree there's no single argument to leave Traits,
>> but there are a few obstacles to start with Traits.
> Stef,
> This is only my 2 cts of a Traits's user-but-not-programmer guy.
> I can say that building a simple app with Traits (using Chaco2)
> works like a charm.
Yes, Chaco looks very nice, very good color choses,
I should have discovered that sooner !
And I'll certainly will integrate that into my application,
but I've just finished integrating MatPlotLib, PyPlot and ScopePlot :-9
>  I do like using Traits and so on.
> And people at enthought are very nice ;-)
Fully agree,
what I understand they were they guys that developed and promoted SciPy.

> BTW, you have a lot of examples in source code tree, to begin.
> http://fredantispam.free.fr/snapshot.png
> Cheers,

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