[SciPy-user] unexpected MLP.solve() output: bug? [scikits-openopt]

Emanuele Olivetti emanuele@relativita....
Thu Mar 6 03:38:38 CST 2008

Dear Dmitrey,

It happens sometimes that the object returned by NLP.solve() has
the .ff field of numpy.ndarray type instead of a float64 type. The
array has just one element, which is the current minimum of the
function, as expected.

r = p.solve('ralg')
print type(r.ff)
The output is usually "float64" and sometimes "numpy.ndarray".

Since this is pretty unexpected and caused me some troubles (easily
solved) could you change to one of the two behaviors (or motivate)?

openopt 0.15
numpy 1.04
scipy 0.5.2
ubuntu linux x86_64

In any case, many thanks for you optimization library.


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