[SciPy-user] [ann] aureservoir0.1 - library for analog reservoir computing neural networks (Echo State Networks)

Georg Holzmann grh@mur...
Thu Mar 13 04:52:05 CDT 2008


This is a release of aureservoir, an open-source C++ library for analog 
reservoir computing neural networks (mainly Echo State Networks) with 
bindings to python/numpy.
The goal of this library is low memory usage, be efficient, extensively 
tested and easy to extend with new algorithms.

Networks can be used with double or singe precision floating points and 
various different activation functions, simulation, training and 
adaptation algorithms are implemented and can be exchanged at runtime.

For an introduction into reservoir computing neural networks, a feature 
overview, installation instructions, examples and documentation see:

Any feedback is welcome and I am happy to help out with 
installation/usage problems !


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