[SciPy-user] common storage between matlab and python

Roger Herikstad roger.herikstad@gmail....
Mon May 5 22:26:26 CDT 2008

Hi list,
  Does anyone know of a matlab i/o interface beyond that of
scipy.io.loadmat /savemat? I know these routines will handle scalars
and vector, but what about matlab structures? My problem is that we
have a substantial amount of code written in matlab that makes use of
matlab's object oriented programming, storing the results of various
calculations in objects. What I would like to do is to interface with
these objects in python, that is read them from disk, do some
calculations, and write them back in a format consistent with what the
matlab object expects. So, for instance for the matlab object obj, the
data is stored as obj.data.field1, obj.data.field2, etc. Is there a
way for me to read the matlab file, do something to field1 and field2,
in python, then store the modified fields back into the structure for
matlab to read? Thanks!

~ Roger

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