[SciPy-user] hilbert on arrays

Gary Pajer gary.pajer@gmail....
Mon May 12 13:27:20 CDT 2008

I have a real data array. I'd like to take the hilbert transform and
end up with an array where each row contains the HT of the
corresponding data row.

In other words, if my data is an (2,N) array called d,  I'd like to
end up with an array h such that

h[0] is the HT of d[0]
h[1] is the HT of d[1]

but evidently
scipy.signal.hilbert(d)[0]   does not equal  scipy.signal.hilbert(d[0])

Is there a one-step solution to this, or do I have to iterate over the
rows of d, calling scipy.signal.hilbert each time ?


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